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Center Education Foundation

The Center Education Foundation's Mission is to enhance resources for educational success of all children in the Center School District by actively involving the entire community of students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members and alumni.


When the teachers and staff of the Center School District think "I wish we could ...", the thought often involves an activity or project that they would like to do to enhance the learning opportunities for their students. For those times when funding is the obstacle to making the idea a reality, the Center Education Foundation is ready to assist, helping that teacher turn "I wish we could" into "I'm glad we did".


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Cecelia Ball $25
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Kelly Bailey $15
Lisa Hardwick $10
April Sohayda $10
Quinn Daley-Sheldon (wife of Mr, She $10
Dave Murray $10
Linda Morris $5
Susan Korth $5
Anna Baker $5
J Patrick Morris $5

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