Going the Extra Mile for Cancer Action

Please help us “Go the Extra Mile” and support Cancer Action as we improve the lives of those with cancer within the Kansas City metro.

Our goal is $5,000!

Join our running and fundraising team. Or, if you are not running, please make a donation.

How will your dollars help cancer patients through Cancer Action?

Here are just a few ways your dollars will help cancer patients right here in Kansas City:

• Your dollars will provide medications for those unable to afford their cancer-related medicines.

• Your dollars will provide a ride to ensure cancer patients get to their life-saving treatment and physician appointments.

• Your dollars will provide nutritional support so a cancer patient can maintain their strength, weight and energy while fighting their cancer.

• Your dollars will provide emotional support, guidance and education as cancer patients and their families navigate this difficult journey.

Thank you!

Your friends at Cancer Action.


$5,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $475.00

Goal: $5,000.00


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Top Donors

Eric Jacobson $100.00
Karla Nichols $100.00
Brian Levinson $100.00
Joan Roof $50.00
anonymous $50.00
anonymous $25.00
anonymous $25.00
anonymous $15.00
anonymous $10.00

Top Fundraisers

Annie McGinnis$0.00
Becky Bruch$0.00
Dan's Going the extra mile for cancer$0.00
Eric's Every Mile Counts Team (Eric Jacobson)$275.00
Megan Case$0.00
Team Turigliatto$10.00